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About us
A Flexible solution that specifically meet the needs of Managers and Employees.
Magnar Systems is a company that provides HR and Payroll Solutions
Magnar HCM is designed for small business, simple & easy to use, cloud based, highly secure, Multi Lingual, works through mobile devices, and 24/7 support. Magnar HCM a system that is leading the innovation in HR and Payroll and supporting the local rules of your country.

At Magnar, we believe that great businesses are powered by great people. 
Multi Country Support
Magnar HCM is design to support multiple countries within a shared services environment
Multi Company
Magnar is designed to support multiple companies under the same or different labor laws and tax rules
Multi Currency
Magnar HCM support payroll processing and expense management via multiple currencies.
Multiple Language
Magnar HCM can be operated in multiple Languages based in user preference
Your Employee Management is our speciality.
Magnar Payroll & HR solutions is a key pillar for the stability and efficiency in managing your biggest asset at your organization you Employees who are the major player in the growth of your organization.
Rewarding true Partnerships.
At Magnar we rely on our great partners to insure driving our solutions towards more and more success. We do offer a rewarding partnership program and a product that will help our partners complement their offerings an improve the profit margins.
At Magnar, we believe that great businesses are powered by great people.