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Magnar Systems is a company that provides HR and Payroll Solutions

It all started in 2015, having the idea to create a digital platform to manage HR & Payroll for SMEs. Technology was changing fast and the need for a cost-effective loosely coupled, the born-in-cloud platform was really in need.

Magnar Systems' team of HR analysts along with a group of experienced developers were engaged in a 4 years project to deliver an HR and payroll cloud solution, using the latest technologies and more than 15 years of business experience.





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Multi Country Support
Magnar HCM is design to support multiple countries within a shared services environment
Multi Company
Magnar is designed to support multiple companies under the same or different labor laws and tax rules
Multi Currency
Magnar HCM support payroll processing and expense management via multiple currencies.
Multiple Language
Magnar HCM can be operated in multiple Languages based in user preference

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